Fix Discord Mic Not Working With 10 Steps

discord mic not working

If you are here, you are surely looking for the proper solution to fix the Discord Mic. Well, I used to face microphone issues lately on Discord while playing a game online with it.

The Discord mic not working is caused due to several reasons, but most of the cases are due to issues with the automatic input sensitivity or external headset. 

But don’t worry – with a few troubleshooting steps; we’ll have that pesky Discord mic up and running in no time, so you can get back to chatting with all your friends.

What causing Mic Not Working Issue In Discord?

The cause of Mic not working issue in Discord could be due to various reasons, including:

problem with discord mic
  • Discord may require administrator access to run, but some versions of Windows cannot access third-party software as administrator by default.
  • The automatic sensitivity settings of the microphone can be changed or switched off.
  • Input device settings are available to act on the microphone, and their defaults may be changed upon installation.
  • The exclusive mode may stop recording from the microphone; however, additional features of this mode may overwrite the required settings.
  • External devices must have access to the software & OS to connect and access the microphone.

9+ Effective solutions to Fix Discord Mic Not Working

Before you go into detailed methods, just try basic things like restarting your system and plugging and unplugging the microphone. If your error is not major so, you are good to go; if not, follow.

Method 1- Run Discord with Administrator privileges

It is the first and foremost suggestion provided by Discord Customer support to any user having a microphone audio problem.

On running software as an administrator, you can provide the required privileges to it so that its entire function of it can be feasible. Discord uses UDP to send data to the team members connected with the users. Therefore this privilege will help it to transmit your voice flawlessly on the internet.

  • To implement this method, first, you need to completely close Discord. Then Go to windows search and type “Discord“.
Run Discord as administrator
Run Discord as administrator
  • You will see the application showing up. On that right side, click “Run as administrator“. Now give confirmation on the dialogue box.

And you’re good to go running Discord as Administrator

Method 2- Log Out from Discord

Logging out from Discord and again Logging in it can sometimes resolve the microphone problem. This trick is possibly a quick fix, but it is probably a temporary solution to the problem. Although this trick has worked for many users, including me, the issue again returns within a few moments with some glitches.

If you want a permanent solution using the logging out and then logging in method, then a better solution than this conventional method can be

  • There will be a settings icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop version of Discord. 
    You can see the “User Settings” label on it while placing your cursor on it. Click on it.
Discord User Settings
Discord User Settings
  • Scroll down from the appeared menu until you find the “Log Out” button.
Discord Log Out
Discord Log Out
  • Click on the logout button until it registers your action.
Discord log out button
  • After the logout is successful, insert your credentials and log in.

After the login procedure is completed, try connecting with your friends and see whether they can hear you. If you are experiencing the same problem again, then move to the second method.

Method 3- Updating Audio Driver

An outdated driver can cause a lot of issues in some cases, especially on windows. Because it’s needed all the latest patches to perfectly run any application which gets frequent updates.

So in these cases, make sure that your audio driver is updated. Follow the below steps.

  • Every time updating any system driver, just go to “Device Manager” by searching on the windows search bar.
windows Device manager
Windows Device manager
  • Open it up. In there, you will see all lists of functions being used on your PC/Laptop.
  • Find “Sound, video and games controllers”, Click on the drop-down icon. You will see all drivers which are used to pick up your sound.
Sound, video and games controllers under Device Manager
  • Just right-click on the driver which is used by your microphone, & click “Update Driver”.
Update Driver
Update Driver
  • Now tap on “Search automatically for drivers”. Wait for some time; it will automatically download and install an updated driver if available.
Search automatically for drivers
Search automatically for drivers.
  • But you are confused about which driver is being used by your pc/laptop. So update all drivers automatically.
Driver Updated
Driver Updated

Now everything is fine. Open Discord, or if Discord is already opened, close it entirely & open it again. Check whether the problem persists or not.

Method 4- Reset Voice settings:-

Resetting the voice settings has the maximum chance of success. This method will indeed work if you are coming across the issue only on the desktop app of Discord. Resuming the standard functionality of Discord can resolve this problem.

Follow the steps below to reset the voice settings in the Discord application: –

  • Click the user “Settings” icon in the bottom left corner of the discord app.
Discord User Settings
Discord User Settings
  • Select the “Voice and Video” that is present under App settings.
  • Select “Reset Voice Settings” after scrolling down.
Reset Voice Settings
Reset Voice Settings
  • Click on the Okay button to confirm your selection.
Reset Voice confirm
Reset Voice confirm

Reconnect your headset and check whether the glitch is still present or else removed. If not, then implement the next method.

Microphone Check:-

When you reset your voice settings before proceeding with the problem-solving methods, you should check the microphone.

To do this, go to Voice and Video options like previously. Under the “Voice Settings,” you will find the Mic Scheck section. Under that, click on the “Let’s Check” button.

Mic Test
Mic Test

Now talk to your system-connected microphone. If everything ok, so you can see the bar pulsating in different colors. If nothing happens, follow up next steps. 

microphone testing on discord
microphone testing on discord

Method 5- Check the input device:-

There is a chance of audio failure when Discord does not recognize your microphone as the suited input device. Sometimes, Discord may change the input device option to default, which may cause malfunctioning mostly in computers or gaming laptops as they have a built-in microphone.

If you are using these devices and haven’t selected the microphone that is going to be used, then the application will use the internal one even if a headset is connected. Most laptops and gaming PCs don’t possess the required driver to function with VoIP services.

You can follow this method to make sure that Discord is using the same Microphone that you are using

1. Go to the user “Settings” icon on the bottom left, as previously.

2. Click on Voice & Video option in App Settings as previously.

3. Under the “Input Device”, select the “microphone” from your headset.

Discord Input Device Selection
Discord Input Device Selection

4. Slide the manual “slide bar” to the maximum below the input volume slider.

Input Volume
Input Volume

Method 6- Try Push to talk:-

You can also try changing the input mode to push to talk from Voice Activity, as many users have reported that it is working for real. However, to bring this mode into action, you may require pressing a button whenever you want to say something on your microphone to your buddies.

This might be helpful for gamers. For setting up, follow the below steps.

  • As previous. Need to go to “Discord User Settings.”
  • Go to the “Voice & Video” settings section, which is located under App settings.
  • In there, you will find Input Mode is selected to Voice Activity (default). Change it to “Push to Talk.”
Push to Talk
Push to Talk
  • A new box will open up called “Shortcut.” In there, you need “Record Keybind.” It means that you need to set a particular key on the keyboard or any mouse button to activate the microphone on discord, like a walkie-talkie Push-to-talk (PTT) button.
Record Keybind
Record Keybind
  • Assign the key by clicking on Record Keybind, and entering any key. In my case, I entered “F.” Click stop recording, or it will automatically set up when any key is set.
Recording Keybind
Recording Keybind
Push to Talk Keybind
Push to Talk Keybind

All things are done. Whenever you are talking, just press that selected crucial and holds; that’s it. Also, here are video instructions.

It is undoubtedly not an excellent solution for the Microphone audio disability, but it can be an instant solution to communicate with your team members online.

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Method 7- Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings:-

There is an option in Discord’s settings called “Automatic Input Sensitivity.” In case the user has disabled this option, there are chances of the microphone malfunctioning in some scenarios. Disabling this option prevents some of the functions of microphones essential in live streaming or video chat.

If you have unintentionally toggled off this option from the settings, then you should open it and tick the box next to this option. While this option is disabled, the manual sensitivity bar works on sending the slider to the left, which can cease the process of picking the sound from your microphone.

The reason for enabling this option is that the input sensitivity of Discord is buggy, and automatic settings won’t light up the indication bar when you speak in Mic. But, turning it manually can accomplish the task quickly. Here is the list of methods that you should do

  • You can find the user “Settings” icon on the bottom-left corner of Discord Windows; click on it.
  • Then, go to app settings and click on “Voice & Video”.
  • Scroll down until you find “Input Sensitivity”.
  • Wait, Wait. Before turning “Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity,” check once again while it’s disabled. Place the toggle middle position or towards the left side near -100dB in the dual color bar.
Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity
Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity
  • Now talk to the microphone. If the mic is working, you will see a shadow pulsating under two colors (yellow & green).
  • If not, so Turn on the “Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity” toggle.
Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity Turned On
Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity Turned On
  • Talk into your headset and see whether the sensitivity bar lights up in solid green and whether it is glowing green when you speak on your microphone.

If this method worked, the manual bar below the toggle would keep on pulsating every time you talk. Once it is crosschecked, you are good to go. However, if your team members are still unable to hear your mic’s audio, then go for the next method.

Note:- While checking the mic in this method, discord will not pick the microphone automatically, so make join any discord server “voice channels”.

Method 8- Disable QoS:-

There is a possibility of interference of the QoS setting on Discord with some critical system functions. This interference may cause an error in the Microphone output as well, which is why disabling it may work to some extent.

  • Click on the “User Settings” option in the Discord Window as in the previous steps.
  • Now Tap on the “Voice and Video” option in the left tab in user settings.
  • Toggle off the option “Enable quality of Service High Packet Priority.”
Disable Discord QoS
Disable Discord QoS
  • Check whether the issue is still present.

Method 9- Change Privacy Settings:-

If you are using Microsoft Windows’s licensed version, you must have come across the security settings added to it. Using this new feature, Applications installed on PC have revoked access to Microphones and all other hardware components automatically.

The permissions policy granted to third-party applications like Discord may have disabled your Microphone, causing it not to work. In this case, you can enable microphone access and solve the problem by following these methods.

  • Press Windows Key on your keyboard and type “Privacy Settings” on the search bar.
Disable Discord QoS
Windows Privacy Settings
  • Click on privacy settings, and you can see a window popping out.
  • Scroll down on the left pane of windows and click on “Microphone”.
  • Switch on the toggle of “Allow apps to access your Microphone” present on the right window pane, in case it off.
Allow apps to access your Microphone
Allow apps to access your Microphone.
  • Scroll down a little bit you will see the “Allow Desktop apps to access your microphone” make sure that it’s turned on. Because it’s significant for third-party apps like Discord, also, under there, you will find all third-party apps that access the microphone.
Allow Desktop apps to access your microphone
Allow Desktop apps to access your microphone
  • Restart your system and check whether Mic is working in Discord.

Method 10- Disable the exclusive mode

Some Windows applications are configured to take control of audio device drivers and can cause problems with Discord. The microphone in Discord quiets down entirely if settings in Exclusive Mode are enabled. You can disable the exclusive modes by following this quick guide.

  • Just type “Sound” in the windows search bar. In there, you will see “Change system sounds”. Click on it and open it up.
Windows Change system sounds
Windows Change system sounds
  • In there, go to the “Recording” tab and select “Microphone” from your headset.
Recording Selection
Recording Selection
  • Click on the “Properties” options that are present in the bottom left corner.
Microphone Properties
Microphone Properties
  • Under the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the checkbox present under “Exclusive Mode”.
Exclusive Mode in windows sounds
Exclusive Mode
  • Click on the “Apply” button below.

Reboot your system and see whether Mic is working or not, and If this doesn’t work, then try the next method below.

Extra Tips:

If the above methods don’t work, you should follow the below steps. Maybe this might help you.

1. “Uninstall” Discord and install it again. Download from their official site.

Discord Download
Discord Download

2. In some cases, cache files cause some issues. So try Deleting Discord AppData. Might be helpful.

3. Check your connected microphone jack or connected port. Hardware issues may cause the discord mic not working issue.

If you think all the above methods are right from your end. So you should contact Discord Support about this issue. I am sure that they will definitely help you. But if the thing is missing or needs to add any point which might solve the issue, so don’t hesitate to comment down below or contact us.


Q1. How to get access to Windows OS for my microphone?

Ans. First of all, make sure that your microphone is working well without any hardware issues. Now, connect your mic to your system correctly and set it as a default input device. You can go to Settings>System > sound to set your microphone as the default external input device. After the device is placed, it can get access to your Windows OS.

Q2. How can I ensure that my microphone is working?

Ans. Open the Discord window, where you can see the user settings option in the bottom right corner. You can now see App settings, select it, and click on voice and video. There will be a sensitivity slider present on the bar. If the slider on the bar reacts to the microphone’s voice input, then your microphone is undoubtedly working.

Q3. Why are my team members unable to hear my voice?

Ans. There may be many reasons for this issue, but the most common reason can be the hardware problem in your external microphone. Suppose your external microphone is working well and connected to your operating system as the default input device. In that case, you can follow the methods mentioned above to resolve your Discord microphone issue.

Final Words

The above article addresses the glitch occurring in Discord Microphone functions while there are specific solutions regarding every problem occurring. I have specifically discussed the issue in which team members on the other side are unable to hear the users’ voices.

These are the 9 methods that I tried, or most of the users reported as the working scenario for the Microphone Glitch occurring in the Discord Windows.

I am sure that one of these methods will surely work for your problem, and if still, the problem exists, you have to change your external headsets. The best way to cross-check your microphone is to connect it to other devices or other software in your system.